We recognize that there is a fundamental core value of property management that has gone missing… It’s customer service! Insert – Allegiance Property Management.

At Allegiance Property Management we believe that relationships are the basis of happy clients and success!  We are a local, veteran owned and operated, property management company offering a full spectrum of real estate services to homeowners, investors, and tenants alike.  We strive to show our clients that not only are we looking out for your investment and how it impacts your life but we also provide a consistent experience for each of our clients. At Allegiance, our number one priority is our client’s satisfaction!

Here is a small list of some of the services our clients can expect:


Allegiance begins by providing a detailed analysis of your property, the neighborhood, and the current rental trends. Using this information, we are able to leverage your property to receive top dollar!

Allegiance will take professional photos of the exterior and interior of your home (No cell phone pictures!) Then, we will draft a nice description of your home to accompany all of our marketing pieces. We syndicate your property out to over 12 different websites, such as: our company website, Zillow, HotPads, Trulia,, MLS, Craigslist, Facebook, etc… Our goal is to give your property maximum exposure to increase our chances of securing a great tenant.

There are no fees or upfront costs while we market your vacant property.

Tenant Screening & Leasing

Allegiance pre-screens all potential tenants prior to showing your property. We require potential tenants to have an income that is three times the rental rate, we do not accept tenants with felonies, and we do not accept tenants with prior evictions or outstanding judgments.

Once a potential tenant has been pre-screened and has seen the property, they are allowed to submit a rental application. Items that Allegiance take into consideration on the application are:

  • Verifiable Income (Three times the rental rate)
  • Credit Report / Score (do they have multiple accounts in collections, do they pay on time, etc…)
  • Criminal History (Again, no felonies)
  • Employment / Length of Employment
  • References From Previous Landlords

Allegiance only charges a leasing fee after they have screened the potential tenant and have secured them into a signed lease agreement.



At Allegiance we believe that preventative maintenance is just as important as the 2 a.m. plumbing maintenance request. We require all of our tenants to maintain the property by: watering the foundation, trimming trees & shrubs, changing air filters, maintaining smoke alarms, keeping drains clean, and keeping the property free of excess trash or debris. These items are outlined in the signed lease agreement and are enforced in our semi-annual property inspections.

Allegiance also provides 24/7 maintenance assistance to tenants. They are able to submit maintenance requests via email and online through their tenant portal. We also provide an emergency phone line for any situations that occur after hours, on weekends, or holidays. We do not increase our prices for after hours, weekend, or holiday maintenance issues that require our attention.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, Allegiance will seek the Owner’s approval for all maintenance requests prior to approving the work. However, Allegiance does reserve the right to make approvals for emergency repairs. (Emergency Repair is defined as any issue that directly affects the health or material welfare of the tenant and/or property)

Allegiance has executed the best possible negotiations with local, reputable, and insured maintenance vendors to ensure we are providing our clients with the best price. We are happy to work with any of your preferred vendors (as long as they meet our minimal liability insurance requirements) and any home warranty programs you may have. Allegiance also handles all vendor payments and issues vendors their 1099s at the end of the year.

Evictions & Collections

Allegiance Property Management handles all evictions in house from start to finish. We also work with several collection companies who specialize in collecting judgments for unpaid rent, damages, legal fees, etc…

Owner Online Portals & Rent Draws

At any point in time, Owners are able to log on to their Owner Portal, via our website. Through their portal they will be able to view things such as: property management agreements, signed lease agreements, maintenance requests, bill information, tenant payment history, and detailed management reports. The reports are real-time information and are available whenever you need them.

Allegiance also has the capabilities to send Owners their rent draw via direct deposit as long as their banking institution accepts ACH deposits in the United States. If necessary, we can also send payments to your IRA or trust.

Rent is disbursed on the Monday following the 5th of each month. This allows time for tenant online payments to clear our bank account so we can disburse it to you. If Monday is a Federal Holiday, it will be moved to the next business day.

Customer Service

We know that you just completed a large eye roll and grudgingly said to yourself, “I’ve heard that before.” But don’t skip over this part just yet!

At Allegiance Property Management, we believe that the little “extra” effort is what makes us extraordinary. We are available! Seriously, call us right now and we will answer! There is no asking for someone and getting told, “They are in a meeting.” We are here and we are always happy to address your needs via phone, email, or even text! Communication is so important when you trust someone with your valuable asset and we make sure that we are available to you!

We also believe in happy tenants. A happy tenant who feels like their property manager is listening to their needs and taking care of issues is not a tenant who is going to maliciously damage a property. We literally save you money by just being nice to the tenants… Imagine that! Now mind you, we do not go in and fix every little complaint because then we would not be looking out for your best interest but we always strive to make our tenants feel heard and understood.

When is the last time your property manager asked you how your property was performing in your portfolio? For a lot of people, the answer is never. That is because most management companies see your property as the object of their service, instead of you! At Allegiance Property Management we realize that YOU are our service focus. We want to know how we can assist you in making sure that your properties are not only an active part of your portfolio but are a continuous performing asset.

We also back this dedication to customer service in two ways. First, we do not require a term of contract. This means that at any point, if you decide you do not like us, you can cancel your agreement with us. Secondly, we will refund the last 2 months of property management fees to you.