Preparing for Colder Weather With Your Rentals!

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10959657_321190978091958_1419274605206304095_nFall is here and already the mornings are greeting us with the promise of chilly days that are perfect for turning on the heat and snuggling on the couch or enjoying a nice fire in the fireplace at night.  As a homeowner and especially an investor, the cold weather can also bring on some anxiety for possible repairs that may need to be done to your rental as tenants begin to use some aspects of the home that have been dormant for the last year.

Have no fear!  There are some preventative maintenance items that are available that can alleviate future repair needs on expensive items such as your HVAC system, plumbing, and even fireplace hazards.

Heating and Air (HVAC)

Allegiance Property Management always suggests to its Owners to have their HVAC systems serviced twice a year.  Once in the Spring and once in the Fall.  An HVAC technician will not only conduct a general functions check of the exterior and interior unit but will also clean out drain lines, check the thermostat settings to make sure the system is properly running, inspect electrical connections and testing voltage on the system components to prevent any component failure in the future, and lubricating moving parts.  Allegiance Property Management requires that tenants change the air filters every 2 months to ensure proper air flow is going to the unit as well.  Keeping HVAC units well serviced reduces the risk of furnace failure which can cost homeowners for both repairs and possible rent relief situations.


We know that freezing pipes is not always a main concern here in Dallas/Fort Worth, however, we do usually get a few weeks worth of very cold, icy weather which can lead to pipes freezing or bursting.  If your property is vacant during the winter months Allegiance Property Management offers a ‘Vacant Winter Servicing”.  Allegiance Property Management will place faucet covers on all exterior water faucets, turn the water off at the street, keep interior temperatures above 57º, and will place the home on a monitor list to ensure the condition of the home is maintained.  Allegiance Property Management also sends notifications to all tenants to conduct the same maintenance on their rental property.


This preventative maintenance is the most commonly overlooked item for homeowners and investors alike but can be the most costly.  If your rental home has a fireplace, Allegiance Property Management suggests sending a professional chimney inspection company at least once a year.  A chimney inspection will be able to look for items such as damage or wear to the firebox, smoke stains that could indicate issues with the flue damper, correct grate size, and remove any excess build up of creosote.  A chimney inspector can also instruct tenants on how to properly open/close the flue and how to maintain the chimney to reduce the possibility of fire damage to the home.

Allegiance Property Management understands that we cannot possibly counteract every repair your home may need but we can certainly make a difference.  Allegiance Property Management is dedicated to keeping Owner properties as performing assets and not headaches, one preventative maintenance item at a time.

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